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  • The 303 Convertible Top Cleaner utilises a unique “colloidal” action to lift and suspend oil, grease, fall out and dirt making it extremely effective whilst being extremely safe. It cleans deep down and leaves no residue like most cheap cleaners. It does not contain soap, detergents, toxic organics, phosphates, nitrates or caustics.

    Combined with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard which is powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment – outdoors. The Fabric Guard restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels, whilst resisting soiling, impeding mildew formation and helping protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    For best results spray the complete convertible fabric roof with the Cleaner and massage in with a soft bristled brush, leave to work in for a few minutes and then rinse off with clean water. For very best results or very dirty roofs, repeat this cleaning step. Then allow your roof to dry completely.

    Following this spray a light coating of Fabric Guard over the roof and again allow to dry for a couple of hours, for very best protection spray a second coat.

    • Safe for use on all fabric convertible tops
    • Protect your convertible top against dirt, dust, bird droppings, tree sap & more!
    • Fast cleaning, removes stubborn stains
    • Hith Tech Fabric Guard™ restores oil & water repellency
    • Protects against soiling & staining
    • Adds years of life to tops

    Usage Instruction:
    Rinse thoroughly to remove loose particulates, solids & debris. While the area is still wet, apply 303 Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner. Agitate lightly with a dampened soft nylon brush, terry cloth rag or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. For difficult soiling, let cleaner stand for 10-20 minutes, then scrub lightly to loosen the soiling/stain. Rinse thoroughly. (Always rinse before surface dries.) Warmer temperatures, agitation & longer dwell times aid the cleaning action. In cold temperatures, allow cleaner to work longer before rinsing. Always work under shade in a cool area.

  • Kit Contains:

    – 1 HD Nitro Seal Part A
    – 1 HD Nitro Seal Part B
    – 1 Red Applicator
    – 1 Black Applicator
    – 1 Microfiber Towel
    – 1 Latex Glove
    – 1 Instruction Sheet
    – 1 Nitro Seal Box (UPS orders only).

    *Orders shipped with USPS Flat Rate Small Box will not include the Nitro Seal Box

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Ethylbenzene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

  • Dull, cloudy headlight lenses can spoil the face of a car and hamper the performance of the bulbs.
    Headlight Restoration System is an effective solution to restore optical clarity to your headlights.
    Designed to work with any electric drill, this kit will quickly, safely and effectively renovate plastic headlight lenses.
    Awards: 2016 ‘Best Buy’ Powered Headlight Restoration Kit group test.
    Note: This product is not suitable for use on glass headlight lenses.

    Important: In order to use this system you must be confident in using a high speed drill. The paintwork must be fully masked off to avoid damage.

  • For perfect results when waxing, it is important to ensure the surface of the paintwork is “deep cleaned” to remove all traces of road grime, bug splatter, old waxes, etc.

    As regular shampoos and clay don't always remove old films of polish, High Definition Cleanser will effectively remove all surface residues as well as general dust and grime.

    This will leave a fresh clean surface, ideal for ensuring you get the best possible result, especially if you choose Autoglym High Definition Wax

  • Car care perfectionists can now achieve the ultimate showroom finish on their vehicle's paintwork using Autoglym's latest innovation – the 'Surface Detailing Clay Kit'. The comprehensive kit consists of five products that work together to quickly and easily prepare a vehicle's paintwork for a supremely smooth finish.

    The Surface Detailing Clay Kit's specially-developed clay compound allows motorists to deep clean their car, removing particles and impurities that are bonded to the paintwork. The claying process cleanses bodywork to a standard that cannot be achieved through traditional washing and polishing methods alone.

    The Surface Detailing Clay Bar is used together with Autoglym's Rapid Detailer solution, which provides the essential lubrication required for effective cleansing. Rubbing a lubricated piece of the clay across a vehicle's paintwork will result in a glass-like finish, noticeably smoother than untreated areas. Once the paint has been treated, the kit's Super Resin Polish can be applied and buffed, bringing paint to a brilliant showroom shine..

  • Glossworx starter pack is put together for any starter detailer or car enthusiast. the combo has everything you will need to start polishing. THIS IS THE CHEAPEST 15mm MM DA SPECIAL EVER!!!!!!!!!


  • A rich, deep shine from nature’s finest ingredients!


  • Kit Includes Soft Wash Gel, Cleaner Wax Liquid, foam applicator pad and a foam wash sponge. Excellent as a starter kit or gift for the discerning car guy or car girl kit

  • RUPES LH19E-DLX Rotary polishing machine Deluxe Kit contains

    •1x RUPES LH19E Rotary Machine Polisher
    •1x Anti-vibration soft grip side handle
    •1x Anti-vibration soft grip loop handle
    •1x 125mm Backing plate
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary Blue Rotary Coarse Compound 250ml (9.BRCOARSE250)
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Compound 250ml (9.BRFINE250)
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary White Ultra Fine Compound 250ml (9.BRULTRAFINE250)
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary Blue Foam Coarse Pad 150mm (9.BR150H)
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary Yellow Foam Fine Pad 150mm (9.BR150M)
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary White Foam Ultra Fine Pad 150mm (9.BR150S)
    •4x RUPES BigFoot Microfibre cloths
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Apron
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool
    •1x RUPES BigFoot Rotary bag

  • Shield clay bar with SP7 instant detailer the ideal clay lubrications

    High gloss detailing spray to remove dust, smudges and finger prints

    creates a smooth finish and shine

    This kit includes
    1x SP7 spray detailer 750ml
    1x 200g clay bar
    1x Micro fiber towel

  • Unique process restores dull, yellowed headlights to like new condition ,Lens Clarifying Compound quickly removes surface discoloration and may be all that is needed to restore clarity
    3 multi-stage wet restoration pads focus on deeper discoloration and scratches to restore the lens to like new condition , New sealing wipe helps protect from future yellowing and discoloration

  • If you are looking for the ultimate in surface preparation, the Turtle Wax Refine & Shine Clay Bar Kit is deceptively easy to use, and will leave a flawless finish, in preparation for waxing. The non-abrasive clay bar safely eradicates difficult to remove surface contaminants as you rub it across the surface of a freshly washed car, using the Clay Bar Lubricant. Use in combination with any high quality Turtle Wax protective wax for outstanding results.
    1.The Refine & Shine Clay Bar Kit removes bugs and bird lime with ease.
    2.Refines the surface to make waxing easier & longer lasting.
    3.The clay bar cleans and leaves paintwork smooth and slick.
    4.Suitable for use on all paintwork, fibreglass, metal surfaces including wheels, rubber & hard plastics.
    5.The non-abrasive, clay bar will remove surface impurities such as fall-out, ingrained dirt and overspray, without damaging paintwork.

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