MyRewards: A loyalty program built with our customer in mind. We think that it is time that we give back to our loyal clients.

With every rand you spend, your MyRewards wallet increases.  Accumulate enough MyRewards and use them to make a purchase, it’s as simple as that.

When you login to to the client dashboard, you will notice a tab that says “MyRewards”. This where you can watch your MyRewards grow.

MyRewards are allocated to your account once your purchase has been marked as completed.

MyRewards Conversion: For every Rand you spend, you get 1 point

Total points * 0.025 = Points in Rand Value

Example: 1000 Points * 0.025 = R25

myRewards can be used for purchases only if your Total points in Rand value is = or > your cart total.

REGISTER OR LOGIN TODAY, make a purchase and get that rewards counter ticking.