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Stock availability

while we do endeavour to keep a wide variety of stock on hand at our warehouse, due to the vast listing of specialist and hard to find items it is impossible to keep every item in stock. From time to time certain items will be ordered from suppliers just in time. Please note the “in stock” listing on our website is merely an indication of availability with our warehouse or supplier. Where the supplier is out of stock of an ordered item a suitable product will be recommended or a refund offered.

Payments and stock collection

Customers that choose to shop online, pay via EFT and collect from our store: No stock will be released until funds have cleared in our bank account. Any orders that are paid for via EFT will not be shipped until funds have cleared in our bank account.

Coupon Usage

Coupons that are made available are considered “once off coupons”. Coupon codes made available to clients can only be used once in a single purchase (unless stipulated otherwise). Only registered users can redeem coupons. Coupons will not work on items that are on sale.

Important Notice on packages damaged via Courier Guys: 

Poor-boys takes utmost care that all items are LEAK tested and are packaged in such a way that the goods do not get damaged. In some cases leak proof caps are used on the bottles to ensure they do not leak. Goods are packaged between protective filler to avoid them from moving around and allowing cushioning and sealed in boxes which are marked clearly as FRAGILE.  All stock is thoroughly checked for damages and leaks before packaged and handed over to Courier Guys.

Poor-boys will not be responsible for parcels and goods that get damaged (torn, wet, miss handled, etc.) during the postal process.

Upon receving your order via courier, please ensure that the parcel is in good condition.  If it is NOT in good/acceptable condition, or if the goods are damaged, the issue needs to be addressed with the courier company directly and immediately.