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GW FAST RESIN+ is incredibly easy to apply

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GW FAST RESIN+ Sealant’s slick coating shields the paint from UV rays, airborne pollution, and road grime. Its incredible slickness allows dirt and water to just sheet off when you wash your vehicle. The paint stays cleaner longer, with fewer water spots. Highly reflective liquid polymer fluids and glossing agents that create a durable high-gloss, protective shine over your vehicle’s paint. Creates a Detergent resistance barrier for most detergents.

GW FAST RESIN+ is incredibly easy to apply – there’s no curing, rubbing or heavy buffing. Simply spray on and wipe off using a plush microfiber towel and you’ll be rewarded with a wet looking shine that lasts. Unlike a traditional spray on car wax or spray-on car paint sealant, GW FAST Spray RESIN+ provides long-term paint protection; a single application of GW FAST RESIN+ lasts months, not weeks.


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