The D-A COARSE TRIAL KIT includes a high-performance combination of RUPES products designed for maximum efficiency in the correction of moderate to severe surface defects. This fast cutting, body shop safe combination of products is ideal for technicians who want rapid defect removal, a smooth user experience, low dusting, easy wipe off, and high gloss finishing. D-A COARSE products offer incredible performance on BigFoot dual-action random orbital and gear-driven orbital tools but can also work on any brand of dual-action orbital tool. In most cases, the D-A System will improve the performance and reduce the vibration of other polishers.
Use the COARSE D-A WOOL PAD for aggressive correction operations with an impressive finish, or use the COARSE D-A FOAM PAD for less defected finishes, where a higher finish quality is needed.
  • 1 Liter bottle D-A COARSE Compound
  • 1 D-A COARSE foam polishing pad
  • 1 D-A COARSE wool polishing pad
  • 1 Premium Microfiber Cloth Blue