3D One is a revolutionary product from 3D that will allow you to correct and perfect any paint surface in drastically less time than ever before! 3D One is a great product to use if you are a professional due to its non-existent dusting and incredibly long working time.

3D One is the first hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish in one product. You can simply achieve any result you want by simply changing your pad to the desired level of cut and finish ability. Specially engineered Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives easily correct paint scratches using a DA or rotary polisher.

3D ONE Hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish is a unique product. Use with a cutting pad to remove heavy scratches and then use it with a finishing pad to achieve an exceptionally high gloss! One is easy to use, easy to clean up, and leaves you with a perfect finish every time. It is sun friendly, but works best in shaded or temperature-controlled areas.