3D AAT Finishing Polish 502 is a fine finishing polish designed to quickly remove light imperfections. 3D specially engineered this polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology. This technology features a multi-surface leveling agent that accelerates and enhances performance, all while not containing fillers, keeping it body shop safe. Pair with a finishing pad and a few small drops of polish to remove ultra-fine imperfections (light swirls, haze, holograms, etc.), while leaving an amazing finish behind. If you find yourself with heavy imperfections, the 3D AAT Cutting Compound 501 as a first step, followed up with the AAT Finishing Polish 502 is a great two-step polishing process for various paint types. Once you are finished polishing, don’t worry about cleanup because Finishing Polish wipes off easily, leaving nothing behind but a mirror finish. That’s right, no streaks, smears, or buildup! Grab a bottle of 3D AAT Finishing Polish 502 today and bring back that mirror finish!