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Improved foam technology cuts through moderate surface defects with less swirls
Reduced operating temperature
6″ pad size reduces chatter resulting in smooth, easy buffing
Recessed backing for easy centering
For use with rotary polisher and WRBP or WRSBP backing plate

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Meguiars DA Foam Discs are ultra-thin foam pads that are designed for swirl and scratch removal, general polishing and waxing with a dual action polisher, like the Meguiars G110v2. Low profile design (11/16th of an inch) allow for better power transfer from the tool to the paint. This equals more cut along with a better feel through the tool, optimizing results.

Meguiars DA Foam Discs hold a significant advantage over thicker foam pads because less power is needed from your dual action polisher to efficiently rotate each pad. This enables your dual action polisher to produce better results in less time. Less mass = more efficient pad rotation from your dual action polisher.

Meguiars DA Foam Discs are available in three foam varieties:

Foam Cutting Pad – The cutting pad is made of a dense but flexible foam capable of removing moderate swirls, scratches, and oxidation. It should be used with a swirl remover for the best results.

Foam Polishing Pad – The polishing pad has a less dense consistency capable of removing light swirls and oxidation when used with a light swirl remover or fine polish.

Foam Finishing Pad – The finishing foam pad is very soft and has no leveling ability. Use this pad to apply waxes, sealants, and glazes and produce a high gloss shine.

Meguiars DA Foam Discs rotate better on a DA Polisher to improve resultsIf you’re a professional detailer, it’s helpful to have fresh pads on hand for large detail jobs. Cutting and polishing pads, in particular, may require more frequent pad changes due to paint transfer.

To maximize the performance of each pad, use a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush after each panel. This nylon bristle brush will safely remove spent product residue, increasing the performance and extending the life of your foam pads.

For best results, Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs should only be used with the Meguiars DBP6 6 Inch Backing Plate.


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