Stonechip Protection

ZIVENT TYPE Series helps drivers avoid the damage that can be caused by stonechips. With TYPE Series, save your time and money to replace(or repair) the windshield.

Solar Energy Protection

TYPE R rejects 99.4% of harmful UV rays and protects the driver and the interior. It also provides 36.9% of TSER and 75.1% of IRR to keep the interior cool.

Optical Clarity

ZIVENT TYPE Series is made of Hyper Optical Polyester to provide superior Optical Clarity to drivers.

Water Repellency

Hydrophobicity of ZIVENT TYPE Series helps drivers have clear view in rainy days.

※ Contact Angle: Minimum 103.6º.


ZIVENT TYPE Series has self healing function and it recovers from daily abrasions such as wiper scratches.

Easy Removal

Made of Removal PSA,

even drivers can easily remove the product when necessary.