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  • California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax works great on all types and colors of paints, but if you drive a darker vehicle.. something in black, red, blue, green, or deep multi-faceted paint.. you are in for a real treat. Deep, dark paints look rich and layered with Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax. The sheen is unparalleled, with a mirror-like gloss that’ll give you bragging rights.

  • You’ve used Mothers polishes and waxes to give your vehicle a show car shine. Now you can restore the paint, too. Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound quickly removes 1,500 grade and finer sand scratches from all types of refinish and factory applied automotive paints. The easy-to-use formula is the first step in Mothers complete paint restoration system.

    Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound removes the paint blemishes that stand between you and a perfect finish. It can be used to remove light oxidation, wash-induced swirls and scratches, and other defects from paints that do not require sanding. It also works well on orange peel, oxidation, scratches, and chemical spotting.

    Abrasives blend away paint imperfections leaving a fresh, polished surface. Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound should be applied with a rotary polisher and a wool pad for the best results. Work the compound onto one section at a time, buffing after each section is completed.

    As with any compound, you should follow up with a finishing polish to restore the optimum shine. Use Mothers Professional Machine Glaze and a polishing pad.

    Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound is a true polishing compound with no waxes. Use any one of the excellent waxes from the Mothers line, such as California Gold Carnauba Wax or Mothers FX Synwax.

    You’ve seen what Mothers polishes and waxes can do. Bring that show car shine to neglected finishes with Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound.


Showing all 2 results

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