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  • Product Description: Acute Sense is a versatile coating for reconditioning and protection of old and new leather surfaces. It consist of 20% Silica, a mixture of both solidify and curing (Not SiO2). Acute Sense can form a protective barrier onto any leather surface.

    Product Benefits: Acute Sense can keep the leather soft and supple. It also prevents color discoloration, UV-rays and bacteria to build on the leather surface, together with a water repellent layer. Acute Sense can be applied to any types of leather.

    Common Uses: Leather


    1] Prepare surface with Leather cleaner

    2] Shake product well

    3] Apply directly onto terry cloth or MF applicator, thoroughly massage onto the surface

    4] Remove excess coating with a soft MF towel

    5] Repeat process for old and neglected leather

    Tips / Alternate Uses: Excellent choice for protecting leather motorcycle saddle bags, purses, wallets, and other types of items made out of leather!

  • All-in-One compound, just like its name, is TAC SYSTEM’s specifically designed one step polish fir polishing to glazing the paintwork surface. All-In- One is suitable for any type of paintwork surfaces such as freshly painted, soft, hard and new ceramic scratch resistant paint.

    All-in-One compound does not contain any wax substances and it can be used to polish quickly and easily without leaving any holograms or swirl marks. It is capable of removing 1500 to 2000 grit and scratches, light swirls and mild oxidation. All-in-One also offers a perfect mirror finish surface glowing with a perfect shine.

    PN.P-9293 ALL-IN-ONE

    1. Shake well before used

    2. Pour 4 to 5 drops on polish pad.

    3. Work until the surface begins to dry.

    PN.P-9293 ALL-IN-ONE

    Store in cool dry space. Keep product out of reach from children. Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.

  • Product Description: Aqua Waterless is a ready-to-use water base waterless wash with high lubricity while providing a layer of protection at the time! It’s effective scratch free formula is designed with advanced polymers to trap dirt, dust, and other loose contaminants to safely remove them off the surface.

    Product Benefits: Aqua Waterless Contains more than 5% Sio2 which adds a protective and hydrophobic layer while enhancing the gloss to the surface.

    Durability: 1 to 1.5 months

    Common Uses: Aqua Waterless is safe to use on paint, plastics, vinyls, metal, chrome surfaces.

    Warnings: Avoid working under direct sunlight. Not suggested to use prior coating application.

    1.Shake product well before using
    2.Work on a cool surface/ avoid working under direct sunlight
    3.Simply spray on panels and wipe to clean surfaces ( Mist MF towel with Aqua Waterless)
    4.Use new side or switch new towel when dirt is trapped on the current side of the towel
    5.Spray generously for the lower vertical panels, leave for a few seconds before wiping it off
    6.Make sure the surface looks formal, use new MF buffing towel and mist area if any streaks are left behind.

    Tips / Alternate Uses:
    •Aqua Waterless can be layered! By adding more layers to the surface, the hydrophobic properties last longer and produces a higher gloss.
    •Apply it with light dust accumulation or onto a clean surface.
    •No dilution required

  • Features:
    High quality lubricant for Clay
    Prevention of scratching – extreme slickness to prevent any damages to the paint surfaces and offering easy and simple cleaning at the same time
    Strong cleaning agents – easily washing away and removing any pollutants and residues
    Less friction – protecting paint surfaces and yielding the best result
    Water soluble – easy to be washed away with water
    Longevity of moisturizing to the dryness – Taking a long time to dry out while in work

    How to Use:
    1、Wash your car thoroughly with water before use.
    2、Spray with clay on car surfaces.
    3、After working with clay, wash car surfaces thoroughly.

    -Do not use for any other purposes other than the intended use.
    -Store in a cool and shaded place.
    -Keep out of reach of children.

  • TACSystem’s Ceramic Coat

    Is a premium polymer sealant, with a super simple application that was designed for vehicle enthusiasts. It creates a super-glossly and hydrophobic surface! Unlike traditional carnauba waxes and sealants, Ceramic Coat offers extreme durability and hydrophobic properties!

    Product Benefits: Ceramic Coat produces a deep, rich, glossy layer of protection, which enhances the water repellency and protects painted surfaces from U.V. rays and acid exposure Once applied, the bonding of the product and the surface enhances itself during the first 7 days,

    Durability: 9 months

    Directions: Clean and dry all exterior vehicle surfaces thoroughly.If necessary, remove all oil and wax residue on paint surface using TACSYSTEM OIL ZERO. Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels..

    1] With a dedicated MF suede or MF applicator pad, apply a small amount of Ceramic Coat to the applicator then begin to work it in, one panel at a time. It spreads out very well… a little goes a long ways.

    2] Once applied allow Ceramic Coat to dwell for 10 minutes, then using a clean soft MF towel, buff the surface until all excess product is removed.

    3] Ceramic Coat can be layered to build a thicker barrier of protection. If layering, allow one hour after each layer is wiped off.

    4] 1hr cure time

  • Drying towel is used for drying the vehicle after wash. TAC SYSTEM uses color coding in order for less confusions for detailers during their work. Drying towel offers an extensive absorption ability!

  • TACSystem’s Iron Zero Foam

    Product Description: Iron Zero can be used on most automotive exterior surfaces: paint, glass, hard plastic and wheels. Iron Zero Foam changes color as it interacts with contaminants, just as Iron Zero does.

    Common Uses: Decontamination of exterior vehicle surfaces.

    Warnings: Do not use on fabric convertible tops. Do not allow Iron Zero to dry on surfaces. Avoid using in direct sunlight.

    Directions: Shake bottle well. Apply on cool panels out of direct sunlight. Dilute with water – 1:8 using foam lance or 1:10 wash mitt/bucket

    1] Clean vehicle of all loose contamination.

    2] After the wash rinse vehicle and, while wet, evenly spray Iron Zero over the vehicle.

    3] Allow the product to take effect and dwell for 5 minutes.

    4] After 5 minutes, gently agitate the surface with appropriate wash media to remove contaminants.

    Tips / Alternate Uses: Works great with TACSYSTEM Snow-Foaming Bottle

  • TACSystem’s Metal Polish

    Product Description: Metal Polish is a highly effective metal cleaner and polish engineered with corrosion prevention technology, which is left behind after polishing to help maintain a high level of gloss.

    Product Benefits: Metal Polish is capable of cleaning and polishing of all types of metals such as: stainless steel, bronze, copper, silver, chrome, and aluminum, while also protecting against tarnishing. Metal Polish can also acts as an protective film to prevent contaminants from collection on the surface after polishing.


    1] Sparingly apply Metal Polish to the metal surface to be polished

    2] Gently massage the Metal Polish against the contaminated surface

    3] Use towel to wipe off the excess product

    4] To ensure there is no residue left of the products, wipe surface again with a clean MF cloth

    For Optimal Results: To add aggressiveness or to make cleaning easier, apply metal polish to a MF and clean with cloth

  • Moonlight is a top coating maintenance product, one of the best on offer in the market.

    Moonlight adds a crystallised hydrophobic and glossy layer on top of the vehicle surface.

    Containing up to 25% of SiO2, that is extremely easy to use, simply spray & wipe.

    Moonlight can also be used as a standalone spray and wipe coating on non-coated vehicle,

    it would also creates waterless effect and glossy surface!

    Moonlight is durable up to 6 months

    PN.M-3280 MOON LIGHT

    1) ensure surface is cleaned

    2) spray moonlight on a MF towel

    3) wipe surface evenly and gently

    4) use another clean MF towel to wipe surface

    *avoid working under sunlight and ensure surface is cool.

    PN.M-3280 MOON LIGHT

    1, must be applied evenly

    2, please don’t directly apply under the sunlight.

  • TACSystem’s Multi Cleaner

    Is an highly effective all-purpose cleaning agent that can clean almost everything in/on your car, home or even in boats! Its highly economical as Multi Cleaner allows you to easily and safely remove stains, dirt and debris without harming the surfaces.

    Common Uses: Effective for general cleaning surfaces including: dashboard, vinyl, fabric, carpet and many other surfaces.


    1] Spray liberally onto clean MF towel or use with a soft brush

    2] Clean area with MF towel or soft brush

    3] Rinse well with water and dry area

    Tips / Alternate Uses: Any general cleaning including household and boats.

  • Product Description: The Ultra high dilution of Mystic Bubble makes for a very cost effective car soap. The pH balanced formula is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces and wheels.

    Directions: First rinse vehicle free of all loose topical contamination using a high pressure nozzle or pressure washer. Next, using a foam lance, apply a generous thick layer of Ultra Foam to the vehicle and allow it to dwell for 5 minutes before applying a wash mitt. Using light pressure agitate the surface to remove any stubborn contaminants from the surface.

    Tips / Alternate Uses: For best results, during the final rinse, use deionized water to ensure a spot free finish.

  • TACSystem’s Oil Zero

    Is designed to remove all carrier oils left over from paint polishing in order to ready the surface for protective paint coatings, sealants, wax or the LSP of your choice. Oil Zero is a water-based solution and is body shop safe since it is silicone free.

    Benefits: Oil Zero eliminates oil residue left behind from polishing liquids making the surface ready for TacSystem protective coating or paint protection ensuring a proper bond. Oil Zero is water-based solution that is body shop safe, not containing silicone.

    Common Uses: Polish oil stripper & degreaser. Use Oil Zero to prepare the paintwork for tacSystem: Quartz Sparkle, Power, Magic or any other LSP.


    1] Liberally apply to a MF cloth and wipe evenly over a panel.

    2] Follow up with a dry MF cloth and buff dry, making sure the panel is pristine and ready for the final coating step.

    Tips / Alternate Uses: * When removing polishing oils, make sure to frequently use different sides of the MF cloth or to change cloths, in order to provide maximum and quick results.


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