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  • Even a clean and polished vehicle does not really sparkle until you clean the windows. Traditionally one of the least favoured valeting tasks, windscreens and windows are easy to clean with Autoglym Car Glass Polish.

    It contains specialist cleaning and polishing elements which quickly and easily remove all common contaminants, leaving a crystal clear, smear free finish. Use inside and out. Many domestic glass cleaners contain wax and silicone for cosmetic effect but may cause dangerous smearing in wet weather if used on your windscreen.

    If you have acrylic or plastic windows use Autoglym Fast Glass which is formulated for use on these surfaces.

  • A clean windscreen and side windows are essential for safe driving. Autoglym provides a super spray-on cleaner for rapid window cleaning – both inside and out – to produce a crystal clear, smear free finish on glass and plastic windows.

    Autoglym Fast Glass is free of abrasives, silicones and waxes and leaves no residue. As it contains no abrasives, it is especially recommended for use on acrylic and plastic windows where an abrasive cleaner could etch and haze the surface with frequent use.

    Autoglym Fast Glass can also be used on interior plastics to remove dust, and on paintwork to safely remove insects, tree sap and bird droppings if immediate washing is inconvenient. Many domestic glass cleaners contain wax and silicone for cosmetic effect – but may cause dangerous windscreen smearing in wet weather if used on your car.

  • Many motorists would agree that all screenwashes are not the same after experiencing a badly smeared windscreen caused by road grime or insects which refuse to budge however much you try to wash them away. Yet some screenwashes are little more than coloured water and make exaggerated claims that cannot be substantiated.

    Autoglym believes that a reliable, effective screenwash is essential to vehicle safety and Autoglym “All Season” Quick Clear Screenwash provides a number of significant performance advantages. It inhibits smearing of insect remains and clears contaminants rapidly, plus a high dilution rate increases economy. Use throughout the year at recommended dilution rates for safe, smear-free driving.

  • MO MORE STREAKS! GW Clarity Glass Cleaner delivers the crystal clear, streak-free shine you depend on for maximum visibility and a clean car. GW Clarity Class makes cleaning your vehicle’s glass quick and easy. State-of-the-art cleaners teamed with advanced streak free formulation takes crystal clear glass to thr next level. This unique formula helps keep glass cleaner longer, reducing the time and effort spent on glass care. GW Clarity Glass Cleaner leaves no rsidue or streaks. Spray. Wipe

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    GW Optical Wheel Cleaner. It’s safe for use on all tires and wheels. Not only does it renew the original beauty and lustre to the tires surface; it does is quickly and safely! frequent use will not damage or abrade the tire surface. It leaves the wheels with and amazing shine as it easily removes, road tar, brake dust, grease, grit and grime. Even the harshest sidewall sludge and scuffs are no match for GW Optical Wheel Cleaner! GW Optical Wheel Cleaner uses special optical brightness to give your wheels the perfect finish!

  • Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner provides professional grade cleaning power with a dust repellent solution meaning glass stays cleaner for longer. Leaves a streak free, crystal clear finish. Safe for use with tint films, sunroofs, clear plastic instrument panel covers computer screens and cameral lenses. Use with a quality lint free microfiber towel for best results

  • Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner is the ultimate in streak free glass cleaners! Designed as a sprayable gel formula, Scholl Concepts ICE will not drip onto the dashboard, doors, or wiper cowl like other glass cleaners. Additionally Scholl Concepts has integrated a unique polymer sealant formula into ICE which creates a lotus affect, pushing water, dirt, and dust from the surface on contact to keep the glass clean moving forward!

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